Transforming Ideas into Startups

Welcome to ChimbaWeb.

We are a team of marketers, designers & engineers with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and help our customers rapidly build virtual startups that are profitable from day 1.

Since 1999, we have conceptualized, designed, developed and monetized more than 250 websites, some of them reaching over a million visitors monthly.

We are driven by our passion to shape the future of the web.

Product-to-Market Validation on Steroids

Here is how we can test your idea and get the first 3 paying customers

Lean Startup Approach

Do you have an idea for a website, app, startup or the next big thing on the Web?

We validate your idea, build up virtual teams and define the technical requirements to transform your idea into a real startup.

Rapid Development

Do you need a custom functionality or feature for your website?

We customize WordPress plugins, create custom plugins, code your design into WordPress themes, integrate external APIs or just fix urgent bugs on your project.


Growth Hacking

Do you want to reach a larger audience and increase your online revenue?

We connect you with ad networks, perform split-testing campaigns, create automated sales funnels, increase conversation rates and build digital products.

360° Accelerator Program for Web Investors

Bring your project, startup or domain to the next level within a week.

  • 5 Web Professionals. 5 Days. 125 Man Hours. And only YOUR Project!

    A dedicated Project Manager, a creative UI/UX Designer, an experienced PHP/MySQL Developer and a friendly Virtual Assistance will work with you together from Monday to Friday, 5 Hours per Day.

  • Made for Entrepreneurs, Web Investors and Domain Owners

    It starts with a 60 Min Skype Interview with you. Hours later, you will have a detailed Technical Documentation and Design Mockups. And after a week, the project is completed. On time. Within budget. And 100% Overdelivered.

  • Best-Practises in Building Virtual Products & Businesses

    We have worked on more than 100 projects so far and know exactly what clients like you need and want. We have implemented the SCRUM methodology in our work flow so you get a complete report about your new team every day.

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ChimbaWeb is managed by Hamed Farhadian, seasoned Web Investor and WordPress Guru.