Let me introduce myself..

...and why Personal. Web. Business is more than just a slogan.

Hello there, my name is Hamed Farhadian, seasoned Web Entrepreneur and WordPress Guru.

It all started in 1998 when I registered my first domain on this new thing called Internet. I was just 14 years old, but instantly fell in love with the concept of reaching a global audience from home.  I started to create small websites for friends and family, but soon launched my first entrepreneurial startup that sold ad inventory to german advertisment agencies. I enjoyed the concept of a web entrepreneur who develops content websites, makes them profitable and then either keeps or sells them. But everything changed once I turned my passion into a profession…

In 2008, I began to build up small teams, starting with two Virtual Assistants and working up to 25 employees from all around the world. My core strength was streamlining processes to a minimum and building up automated and optimized work flows in regards to Hiring & Recruitment, WordPress Development and Project Management.
As of today, we have generated more than 10,000 paid transactions and reached over 20 million Unique Visitors so far.

I know exactly the pain that business owners and entrepreneurs have to go through in the digital space to find a reliable and professional developer or designer.
And that’s what makes ChimbaWeb and it’s 360 Degree Approach so unique. Based on my hands-on experience with developing websites, building up businesses from scratch and marketing products online, my team and I can give maximum results within a short period of time.

About Me

I was born in the beautiful city Hamburg which is in the north of Germany. I studied Business Management and e-Business in London, UK where I also wrote my bachelor thesis about “The Effectivity and Measurement ( ROI ) of Social Media for Small and Medium Sized Businesses”. I love travelling the world and have a very global perspective and network. I speak and write perfectly in German, English, Farsi and French.

My Skills

I like to call myself a full-stack Web Entrepreneur which means 49 % of me is a nerd with strong technical skills while 51% loves doing business and marketing.

Growth Hacking
Strategic SEO / SEM
Conversion Optimization

What We Offer

Do you need a virtual team for your business? Add new features to your WordPress site? Improve your Domain Portfolio? We have a premium package that makes working with ChimbaWeb simple and managable!

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