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We build exclusively for WordPress, the #1 Content Management of the Web.

  • WordPress Theme Customization
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  • WordPress Training Services
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  • We love WordPress since 2006!

Real Experts for WordPress Development

Harness the Power of WordPress, the #1 Open-Source Content Management System on the Web.

This Theme has a fully responsive layout. It will respond and fit to a large desktop, tablet screens and all the way down to mobile sized displays.

Need a helping hand on fixing your WordPress site? We troubleshoot your problems and fix those bugs of your site. We also secure and backup your WordPress site against malware attacks.

Omega is the best theme to showcase your work. Packed with a tons of options so you can create awesome layouts for your portfolios.

From Technical Documentation to Validating Product Ideas,
expect quick results by saving time and money before launching with our Lean Startup Approach.

We are also experienced in WordPress Scaling and can help with performance issues.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

We can create complex Plugins for WordPress:

– defining requirements
– checking compatibility
and much more.

WordPress is a lot more than just blogging. The real magic happens when you know what plugin or theme to use, and how to customize it – that’s when you notice: Everything is possible!

Hamed Farhadian, WP Expert

WordPress Development for Startups & Entrepreneurs

Bring your project, startup or domain to the next level within a week.

  • 5 Web Professionals. 5 Days. 125 Man Hours. And only YOUR Project!

    A dedicated Project Manager, a creative UI/UX Designer, an experienced PHP/MySQL Developer and a friendly Virtual Assistance will work with you together from Monday to Friday, 5 Hours per Day.

  • Made for Entrepreneurs, Web Investors and Domain Owners

    It starts with a 60 Min Skype Interview with you. Hours later, you will have a detailed Technical Documentation and Design Mockups. And after a week, the project is completed. On time. Within budget. And 100% Overdelivered.

  • Best-Practises in Building Virtual Products & Businesses

    We have worked on more than 100 projects so far and know exactly what clients like you need and want. We have implemented the SCRUM methodology in our work flow so you get a complete report about your new team every day.

Available upon request, starting from 4999 USD per week

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ChimbaWeb is managed by Hamed Farhadian, seasoned Web Investor and WordPress Guru.

WordPress Development